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Monday, 12 July 2010

Pimp that Hog

What springs to mind when I say the word “hog”? With the exception of vegetarians, most people will undoubtedly respond with the word “roast” and why not, they’re ruddy delicious. All that looks set to change this summer however with the publication of D.J. Connell’s rollicking summer read Julian Corkle is a Filthy Liar. The novel charts the rise of Julian and his quest for small-town Tassie fame. Not many people have heard of “the Hog”, fewer still have sported it but pretty soon this hair-phenomenon will be up there with “the Rachel,” “the Pob,” and, dare I say it, “the Jedward.” So what does it look like? Think retro prom, think the cast of Hairspray, think Amy Winehouse. Styled. How do you make it? You will need the following:

It sounds a little gross but hair stylist to the stars Sam Howard recommends purchasing fake hair and a hair net. This is going to form the basis of the hog. Start by clipping side sections and the centre top section of hair out of the way (you will need these bits later). Once this hair has been secured, take the remaining centre section of hair (leaving the very underneath sections free) and form a bun on the top of your head. Pin into place and then fix your hair net (full of fake hair) onto the bun. Remember, the higher the better. You will need a lot of hairpins to grip this gravity-defying structure into place.

Then, take sections of remaining hair and back-comb using a lot of hairspray. Tease the sections of hair over the top of the net, smoothing the ends down and working all of the remaining hair into place. Make sure that the entire hair net has been covered with hair.

It really is as easy as that. If you don’t believe me, watch this:

So now that you have seen how it’s done, why not try your own version of the hog and upload to the Julian Corkle Facebook page. Let the pimping commence!

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